Fountain Hills has announced plans to build a 15,000-square-foot International Dark Sky Discovery Center. The $18 million center is slated to open in the town center in 2021 or 2022.
10 hours ago
Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay $2 Million To AZ
Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay more than $2 million to Arizona for misleading claims about the safety and effectiveness of its transvaginal mesh products. Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced that Ethicon Inc. and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson, have both agreed to pay about $117 million in penalties.
3 hours ago
UA Abuzz With Arizona Insect Festival This Sunday
The Arizona Insect Festival takes place Sunday, Oct. 20, in Tucson from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The University of Arizona's Department of Entomology will host the free event at its Environment and Natural Resources 2 Building.
6 hours ago
AZ Bird Species Are Under Threat From Climate Change
Nearly half of Arizona’s bird species are vulnerable to one model of climate change according to a new analysis from the Audubon Society, which also found two-thirds of North American bird species are also threatened by climate change.
6 hours ago
Story Collection Taps Into Modern Dystopian Anxiety
With worries surrounding climate change, artificial intelligence and unmanned aerial vehicles and drones, science fiction is a realm that easily taps into these fears and dystopian elements. What will our future look like? How long will the future be, with all of the potentially world-changing challenges?
3 hours ago
Toxic Positivity Isnt Cheering Anyone Up
When a family member or friend is feeling down, our natural instinct is often to try to cheer them up — offer them an encouraging word, or relate a story about how whatever is ailing them could be worse. But it turns out that approach can do more harm than good.
6 hours ago
University Of Arizona Approved To Open State’s First Public Veterinary College
The University of Arizona has received approval to establish the state’s first public College of Veterinary Medicine. The college will offer a three-year program with two years of active learning and one year of clinical rotation.
7 hours ago
Fans May Not Always Be Helpful In The Arizona Heat
More than 40 people died indoors in Maricopa County last year from heat-related causes. Most had electricity but did not have functioning air conditioners.
7 hours ago
Apps May Replace Hotel Check-In Desks, Room Keys
Hospitality is a big industry in Arizona, and some innovative changes could be coming to hotels in the Phoenix metro area.
Oct. 17, 2019
Report: Water Replenishment Program Faces Uncertainty
It has allowed developers to grow subdivisions since the early 1990s. A key water management tool that enables housing development in central Arizona does not have a rosy future. That’s a key finding of a new report from Arizona State University.
6 hours ago
Arizona Has More STIs Than The National Average
New numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show Arizona has a higher incidence of some sexually transmitted infections than the national average.
Oct. 16, 2019
Video Shows Saguaro Bulldozed To Build The Border Wall
As border wall construction commenced in areas of southern Arizona, environmental groups have been keeping a close watch. Even though it was informal, that included what Kevin Dahl saw and shot in a video: the bulldozing of healthy Saguaro cacti.
4 hours ago
Ripples Felt As The Navajo Generating Station Closes
The Navajo Generating Station is shutting down, creating a ripple effect across the region, from the families left searching for jobs to the Grand Canyon where its absence may mean improvements to air quality. Utility reporter Ryan Randazzo has been covering the generating station and what will be left in its wake.
Oct. 15, 2019
Report Aims To Close Gap In Data On Connectivity In Indian Country
Nearly 20% of Native Americans living on reservations do not have any internet access at home, and more than a third rely on their cellphones to get online. Those are among the findings of a new report assessing tribal technology.
Oct. 15, 2019
Controversial BLM Head Addresses Environmental Journalists
The acting head of the Bureau of Land Management, recently reappointed, has been a controversial choice to lead the agency.
Oct. 14, 2019
Dropping Water Levels In San Pedro River Sparks Concern
The San Pedro River originates around ten miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border and is the last free-flowing river in the American Southwest. Its preservation has been considered vital over the past few decades, but as more people move nearby, there are increasing worries about the San Pedro’s future.
Oct. 14, 2019
Higher-Density Housing Leads To Lower Water Use
How a city is built strongly influences how much water that city uses. That’s among the findings of new research which looked at the relationship between a built environment and water usage.
5 hours ago
Predicting How Forests Will Respond To Climate Change
University of Arizona biology professor Brian Enquist is investigating how changes in global temperature will affect our forests. His study group is connecting with other researchers around the world to make detailed measurements of trees and soils to predict the impact of climate change on the Earth's ecosystems.
Oct. 14, 2019
Study Found Plastic In Stomachs Of 20% Of Tested Mexican Fish
A study conducted by Mexican researchers and international conservation groups has found microplastic in the stomachs of 20 percent of fish tested at three Mexican ports, including one in the Sea of Cortez.
Oct. 11, 2019
Environmental, Economic Concerns Over Proposed Arizona Interstate 11
A proposed new highway from Nogales to Wickenburg — and eventually beyond to Kingman — has united a Republican legislator and environmental interests in opposition, albeit for different reasons.
Oct. 13, 2019
Mars Salty Lakes Reveal Ancient Drying Out Period
As NASA's Curiosity rover trundles up the central mound of Mars's Gale Crater, it investigates younger and younger deposits — including geologic evidence of a wet ancient environment drying out.
Oct. 11, 2019