Scientists heading an imaging mission of the planet Jupiter Thursday revealed some of their first discoveries captured by scientific instruments and the camera.
May. 29, 2017
Pinal Fire
People with respiratory issues should stay clear of the Globe-Miami area Wednesday.
May. 24, 2017
Psyche robotic craft
NASA’s mission to 16 Psyche, the solar system’s only known iron-nickel asteroid, will launch in the summer of 2022, one year earlier than originally planned.
May. 25, 2017
New leadership overseeing a portion of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative promises to aggressively increase thinning operations by this time next year.
May. 29, 2017
Phoenix City Council
Last week, the Phoenix City Council adopted the Age-Friendly Communities Action Plan - it’s a first step in what will be an ongoing effort.
May. 29, 2017
Tonto National Forest
Two of the state’s six national forests - the Coronado and the Tonto - have issued stage one fire restrictions meaning no campfires nor smoking outside a car or building.
May. 29, 2017
Saguaro Lake.jpg
Fisherman looking to make a big catch on Apache, Canyon and Saguaro Lakes will have to wait.
May. 29, 2017
Smiling People
The more conversations you have, the happier you are. But, not all conversations are equal.
May. 29, 2017
newborn baby
A possible breach of protected health information may affect 2,500 Arizona moms and their babies.
May. 29, 2017
Over the next 12 months, one in three Arizonans over the age of 65 will have a fall that results in injury, according to the Arizona Department of Health. The risk of falling is not unusual as we age, but younger people are also at risk.
May. 26, 2017
Sonoran pronghorn
The debate over building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border has largely centered around immigration policy, migrants rights and finding the funding to build it. But, what about the Sonoran Pronghorn?
May. 26, 2017
black bear sighting outside cabin
As the weather heats up across Arizona, wild animals are heading to where the lawns are watered, the swimming pools are plentiful – and the garbage cans are filled with tasty treats.
May. 26, 2017
the takeaway logo
President Donald Trump’s “America first” budget cuts about one-third or 31 percent of the funding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) receives, even though Defense Secretary James Mattis believes climate change is a national security threat.
May. 26, 2017