Weather Service: Phoenix Area Likely Won't Hit 120 Degrees

Published: Monday, June 19, 2017 - 1:57pm

It may feel like we’re hitting 120 degrees this week, but the National Weather Service says don’t hold your breath.

Meteorologist Chris Kuhlman said earlier weather models showing the threat of 122 degrees have shifted. The jet stream is moving southward and should help squash the high pressure system that’s holding us hostage under this extreme heatwave.

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“And when that happens, I mean it will still be hot. It’s not going to be 115, maybe 107 to 111. The overnight low temperatures in the 70s most likely next week," Kuhlman said.

As for breaking the record high hit on June 26 back in 1990, Kuhlman said that won’t happen either — at least not during this high pressure cycle, since it will collapse by Wednesday.

He said monsoon storms are already forming on the outer edge of Phoenix and east of here, so there’s a very small chance we could see rain or dust storms if, you live outside of the Phoenix-metro area.

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