Science News

A small team of professionals and students is taking on an ambitious project. They are constructing a large-scale model of the Earth in a remote part of Arizona. Local and international support is helping to make it a reality.
Nov. 20, 2014
A recent spinal cord injury has left a young Scottsdale man without the use of his legs. But an experimental device never before used was implanted into his spinal cord, and while the hope is for him to walk again, that isn’t the main goal of the experiment.
Nov. 14, 2014
Flu season officially arrived in Arizona last week, when the state’s first case of locally acquired influenza was diagnosed in Pima County. But health departments investigate flu cases year round to help get a better sense of the infectious virus.
Nov. 11, 2014
Secrets to understanding developmental disorders may have links to infant sleep patterns, and a prominent funding group thinks a University of Arizona study needs to go further to find out.
Nov. 11, 2014
An animal suspected to be a gray wolf near the Grand Canyon is set to be captured and DNA tested.
Nov. 7, 2014
The University of Arizona is turning empty lots at 7th Street and Van Buren Street in Downtown Phoenix into what they call a world-class medical school. And it appears the world is noticing, though it still lags behind other U.S. cities.
Nov. 6, 2014
An international effort to measure gamma radiation from space is looking for an observation site and Arizona is one of the final candidates.
Nov. 5, 2014
An elementary school on a local Native American Reservation visited Mars recently, with the help of some ASU and NASA scientists.
Nov. 4, 2014
The University of Arizona and the University of Hawaii, with support from NASA and Lockheed Martin, are coming to the rescue of a major telescope which was in danger of shutting down because of budget constraints.
Nov. 4, 2014
Tracking Mountain Lions In Texas: Study Suggests Population Is Stable
Data from a mountain lion tracking project in Texas show the population is stable and may be growing. But this project is taking place on private land and most of the test area is owned by ranchers, who historically have no love lost for mountain lions.
Nov. 3, 2014
Researchers at the University of Arizona have found a link between diet quality and the mortality rate of Ovarian Cancer survivors.
Nov. 3, 2014
As more co-working spaces are popping up in the Valley, some are now including shops and hardware, giving new homes for tinkerers, makers and aspiring inventors.
Oct. 30, 2014
Researchers at ASU have found evidence that some features on the surface of the moon may be considerably younger than previously thought.
Oct. 21, 2014
Half of a NASA mission launched in 2006 was almost compromised because scientists were unable to find a suitable target at the edge of the solar system. But eyes from Arizona helped fix that.
Oct. 20, 2014
The Orionid meteor shower will be visible in Phoenix after midnight through early Tuesday morning. We see this shower because Earth passes through a stream of debris from Halley’s Comet.
Oct. 20, 2014
Some features on the surface of the moon may be younger than previously thought.
Oct. 17, 2014
From nuclear power to drip irrigated yards, millions of gallons of water are wasted through old technologies. Leaders across the southwest are trying change that.
Oct. 14, 2014
Many Valley residents travel to Northern and Eastern Arizona for fall foliage. But what causes those colors? Turns out that the colors were there all along.
Oct. 14, 2014
Tire manufacturer Bridgestone has opened a new biorubber research center in Mesa, hoping that a small desert shrub can offer a sustainable alternative to the world’s only source of commercial rubber.
Oct. 13, 2014
A surprising hot spot of methane gas has been spotted over part of the Four Corners area of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah. The concentration was spotted from satellites.
Oct. 9, 2014