Science News

Tucson is still hoping to be the site for Tesla’s "gigafactory" even though the company announced in a letter to shareholders Thursday that they broke ground at a site near Reno, Nev. last month.
Jul. 31, 2014
The City of Chandler will be helping local homeowner associations tap into reclaimed water systems that will save on water costs and save the city’s drinking water supply.
Jul. 30, 2014
In the next three years, a 5-million-square-foot biomedical campus in downtown Phoenix will be constructed. It will include research and clinical groups from all three state universities as well as governmental and private firms. So far, one quarter of the campus has been built.
Jul. 29, 2014
The National Park System protects some of the most beautiful and fragile ecosystems in the country. But those landscapes may start changing.
Jul. 28, 2014
Dust storms that travel through the valley can carry more than just dust. While many residents are familiar with the fungal infection Valley Fever, diagnosis has not always been accurate. New research aims to change that.
Jul. 28, 2014
Arizona State University biomedical engineers are teaming up with Phoenix Children’s Hospital to become pioneers in the field of three-dimensional heart models. A recent grant will allow this one-of-a-kind 3-D Cardiac Print Lab to expand, changing the lives of patients and surgeons.
Jul. 28, 2014
The National Weather Service in Tucson conducted a special balloon release Friday morning in anticipation of an active weather pattern this afternoon. Meteorologists hope to get a better idea of how a rapid increase in gulf moisture will impact the forecast.
Jul. 25, 2014
As the next few days bring near-record heat to the Valley, most residents know to drink water and stay inside when possible. But if you have to be outside, be aware of the surfaces you surround yourself with.
Jul. 23, 2014
Despite the increasing population in Arizona, there are fewer cars on the road now than there were nearly a decade ago.
Jul. 22, 2014
Scientists in Phoenix will join some Swiss counterparts in a pair of research trials testing two new drugs that aim to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.
Jul. 18, 2014