Science News

Researchers at the University of Arizona said Twitter posts could be used to accurately predict emergency room visits. The study focused on chronic conditions like asthma.
Apr. 15, 2015
New Mexico’s Game and Fish Department said a duck at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in southern New Mexico has tested positive for a highly virulent strain of bird flu.
Apr. 15, 2015
Growing bark beetle populations have decimated forests in the western United States, with some damage to northern and eastern Arizona forests. But local research is getting closer to a “solution” that may help.
Apr. 15, 2015
With the spotlight on police shootings around the country, many departments are relying more heavily on so-called “less than lethal” force to subdue arrestees. New research shows the effects of tasers may last longer than previously thought.
Apr. 9, 2015
For a lot of people, taking part in science experiments ends after their last school science fair. But, there are people working to change that.
Apr. 8, 2015
Representatives for the dairy industry, environmental groups and state officials came to an agreement on how to revise rules regulating wastewater management and groundwater monitoring.
Apr. 7, 2015
A conservation group has named the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon as the most endangered river in the United States. The ranking is based on two large-scale development projects as well as the potential for future uranium mining.
Apr. 7, 2015
Gila River
As drought across the West persists, the fight for water is getting more heated. In rural, southwestern New Mexico, the battle is over the Gila River.
Apr. 7, 2015
Elizabeth Holmes Theranos
A new law will allow Arizonans to order their own lab tests without a doctor’s permission.
Apr. 6, 2015
As California implements mandatory water restrictions to deal with historic drought conditions, officials in Arizona say that’s not likely to happen in the Valley any time soon.
Apr. 2, 2015
When we picture education for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, or STEM, we often think of scientific instruments like test tubes, robots and calculators. But how about musical instruments?
Mar. 27, 2015
Uranium Navajo
During the Cold War, mining companies extracted four million tons of uranium from Navajo land to make nuclear weapons. Uranium left a deadly legacy. And the federal government is still cleaning up the contamination.
Mar. 25, 2015
Arizona will soon be facing a physician shortage, particularly in rural areas. Is the state doing enough to attract new doctors and keep medical talent in state?
Mar. 25, 2015
San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland announced Monday he is quitting the NFL because of concerns about the long-term effects of head trauma.
Mar. 20, 2015
Starting this weekend Arizona high school students are participating in regional robotics competitions. The goal behind the competition is to inspire students to explore careers in science and technology.
Mar. 19, 2015
A total solar eclipse will occur Friday when the moon moves between the sun and the Earth.
Mar. 19, 2015
A new NASA app wants to give you the chance to help search for and track Near Earth Objects, like asteroids.
Mar. 19, 2015
Arizona's drought conditions have improved from where they've been in recent years, though the state's water situation is still not strong.
Mar. 18, 2015
thermal red
From a changing climate to more mouths to feed, there are many challenges facing agriculture to increase production. But a new technology developed and tested in Arizona may help farmers overcome recent struggles.
Mar. 17, 2015
arizona science desk logo
Scientists have long known that sleep deprivation affects critical thinking skills, our ability to work, and make important decisions. But can it dull a student’s interest in learning?
Mar. 13, 2015