Science News

Archaeologists have unearthed around five Hohokam pit houses and a well from a historic firehouse at the site of the next CityScape development in downtown Phoenix.
Apr. 10, 2017
Lake Mead
Water levels in Lake Mead are about eight feet higher than last year at this time, and regulators said it’s due to water being kept in the lake.
Apr. 10, 2017
People innately have the values to understand how humans are impacting the globe and talk to others about solutions, a Texas climate scientist and evangelical Christian says. She’s bringing her message to the University of Arizona Wednesday.
Apr. 10, 2017
Jupiter in December 2016
Our solar system’s largest planet will make its closest approach to Earth of the year this week. It’s hard to miss in the night sky, although it’s more than 400 million miles away.
Apr. 7, 2017
Aging and Intimacy
Alzheimer’s disease affects some 5 million Americans, up to 5 percent have early-onset Alzheimer’s, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. These are people in their 40s and 50s. Part two of the "Aging and Intimacy" series explores the very real loss of intimacy between spouses when dementia strikes.
Apr. 7, 2017
science students
Next week, the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair will gather science fair winners statewide to compete for thousands of dollars in prizes and scholarships — if it can find enough judges.
Apr. 6, 2017
Aging and Intimacy
A lot of people don’t want to talk about sex. But the urge to have sex or be intimate with someone doesn’t go away with age, or even if that person develops dementia. It’s an issue many families face when confronted with such a diagnosis, but at one assisted living community in Phoenix, sex is just sex.
Apr. 6, 2017
high blood pressure
Employee wellness programs can be a way to reduce monthly insurance payments or, potentially, earn extra incentives or bonuses from the business or company you work for. But House Resolution 1313, being considered by Congress, is causing some concerns about ethics and genetic screening as part of health-care plans.
Apr. 5, 2017
Last week, SpaceX became the first commercial company to reuse a rocket to launch something into orbit, signaling a new era for private sector space. But the new space race is being run here in the Valley, too, as old-guard aerospace companies vie with hungry young startups.
Apr. 5, 2017
The state of Arizona lost its appeal Monday over improving visibility at federal parks.
Apr. 4, 2017
American Solar & Roofing
Even with President Trump's move to roll back climate change policies, supporters of Arizona's renewable energy industry expect the state's market to stay strong.
Apr. 3, 2017
Hand amputees will be receiving treatment to restore nerve sensation in their hands, as part of a first-ever FDA approved clinical trial.
Apr. 3, 2017
Raul Grijalva
Wildlife conservationists say the existing barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border are already detrimental to wildlife. U.S. Congressman Raul Grijalva said President Donald Trump’s proposed uninterrupted wall would be worse.
Mar. 31, 2017
Koki Machin
The Orion project is planned to take humans to Mars, but before that can happen, NASA wants to send astronauts to the moon for the first time in decades. The space agency recently came to Yuma Proving Ground to test the parachute system for that capsule.
Mar. 29, 2017
peregrine falcon pair
The department was outfitting the falcon nesting box atop a Maricopa County building at Third Avenue and Washington Street with an air-conditioning unit.
Mar. 29, 2017
Milky Way
NASA has selected the University of Arizona and affiliate researchers to put a telescope on a balloon to view the Milky Way.
Mar. 28, 2017
rhizobacteria illustration
A particular kind of soil bacteria could help farmers produce food during droughts, according to Arizona ecologists.
Mar. 27, 2017
Bombardier beetle
The bombardier beetle is one of five fauna vying for top prize in a genome sequencing competition. It’s up against a dancing dingo, pink pigeon, sea slug and pit viper.
Mar. 27, 2017
Mexican wolf
After 30-plus years of wrangling, wildlife managers have yet to agree on a revised recovery plan for the endangered Mexican wolf. As a November deadline looms, a study in the journal Biological Conservation offers guidance for finding common ground.
Mar. 24, 2017
Rita Stuckey
Some doctors are operating on hands in a new way: with the patient wide awake. It eliminates the risks and side effects of general anesthesia.
Mar. 23, 2017