Melissa Sevigny

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Study: Soil Bacteria Can Improve Crop Yields During Droughts Melissa Sevigny Mar. 27, 2017
New Trend In Hand Surgery Allows Patients To Remain Awake Melissa Sevigny Mar. 23, 2017
Arizona Students' Elk-Detection Invention A Finalist In National Competition Melissa Sevigny Mar. 17, 2017
Navajo Nation Maps Drought With NASA Satellites Melissa Sevigny Mar. 7, 2017
Scientists Renew Debate Over Pluto’s Planet Status Melissa Sevigny Mar. 2, 2017
NASA Invites The Public To Search For ‘Planet Nine’ Melissa Sevigny Feb. 23, 2017
Arizona Astronomers Make Plans For 'Great American Eclipse' Melissa Sevigny Feb. 21, 2017
National Survey Shows Americans Value Grand Canyon Springs Melissa Sevigny Feb. 16, 2017
NASA Improves Snowmelt Forecast In Colorado River Basin Melissa Sevigny Feb. 10, 2017
Faint Shadow To Cover Moon In Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Friday Melissa Sevigny Feb. 9, 2017
Satellites Reveal Shrinking Water, Bare Shorelines In Lower Grand Canyon Melissa Sevigny Feb. 3, 2017
NAU Study: Managed Wildfires Mixed Success For Ponderosa Pine Forests Melissa Sevigny Jan. 31, 2017
USGS: Uranium Levels In Grand Canyon Spring Not Linked To Nearby Mine Melissa Sevigny Jan. 27, 2017
AZGFD: Arizona Deer Still Free Of Chronic Wasting Disease Melissa Sevigny Jan. 20, 2017
There's Still Time To Weigh In On Fossil Creek Management Plan Melissa Sevigny Jan. 6, 2017
How You Can Help Document Biodiversity In Arizona's Kaibab National Forest Melissa Sevigny Jan. 3, 2017
In Wake of Experimental Floods, Scientists Track Grand Canyon’s Vanishing Sand Melissa Sevigny Dec. 21, 2016
Citizen Scientists Monitor Springs In Northern Arizona Melissa Sevigny Dec. 20, 2016
Arizona Coal Plant Experiments With Burning Wood From Forest Restoration Melissa Sevigny Dec. 15, 2016
3 Colorado River Chubs May No Longer Qualify For Protection As Separate Species Melissa Sevigny Dec. 14, 2016
Flagstaff Scientist Detects Water On Rare Metal Asteroid Melissa Sevigny Nov. 30, 2016
Artists Invited To Navajo Nation To Witness Uranium’s Effects Melissa Sevigny Nov. 23, 2016
ICYMI: A Collection Of Arizona 'Supermoon' Photos Melissa Sevigny, Sky Schaudt Nov. 15, 2016
How To See November’s Extra-Close ‘Supermoon’ Melissa Sevigny Nov. 10, 2016
Experimental High Flows Begin At Glen Canyon Dam Melissa Sevigny Nov. 7, 2016