Sara Hammond

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Title Author Publication Date
Lifeblood Of The Desert Sara Hammond, Nicholas Gerbis and Maya Springhawk Robnett April 11, 2018
Restoration Brings New Life To Santa Cruz River Sara Hammond, AZPM April 09, 2018
UA Focused On Project To Get First Images Of Black Holes Sara Hammond, AZPM February 18, 2018
Tree Rings Tell Story Of Jet Stream Sara Hammond, AZPM January 25, 2018
Global Temperatures In 2017 Rank In Top 3 On Record Sara Hammond, AZPM January 19, 2018
Catalina Sky Survey Sets Record For Finding Asteroids Sara Hammond, AZPM January 17, 2018
HiRISE Camera Reveals Ice Buried In Mars Cliffs Sara Hammond, AZPM January 15, 2018
Endangered Gila Topminnow Returns To Santa Cruz Sara Hammond, AZPM December 18, 2017
UA College Of Medicine Marks 50th Anniversary Sara Hammond, AZPM November 17, 2017
UA Casts 5th Mirror For Giant Magellan Telescope Sara Hammond, AZPM November 06, 2017
UA Researcher Develops Snake Bite Treatment Sara Hammond, AZPM October 16, 2017
UA Astronomer Among First To 'See' Star Collision In Space Sara Hammond, AZPM October 16, 2017
OSIRIS-REx Instruments Get Trial Run Sara Hammond, AZPM October 02, 2017
OSIRIS-REx On The Way To Asteroid Bennu Sara Hammond, AZPM September 26, 2017
Earth's Gravity To Slingshot Asteroid-Bound Spacecraft To Target Friday Sara Hammond, AZPM September 19, 2017
UA Camera To Snap Final Pics For Saturn Mission Before Crashing Sara Hammond, AZPM September 13, 2017
Without Eye Protection, Even A Peek At The Eclipse Is Dangerous Sara Hammond August 21, 2017
Doctor Sees The Light With Pain Control: Green LED Sara Hammond, AZPM August 11, 2017
Amateurs Help Bring Life To Images Of Jupiter's Great Red Spot Sara Hammond, AZPM August 11, 2017
Carbon Capture from Trees? It's All Downhill From Here, Study Says Sara Hammond August 11, 2017
Scientists Will Simulate Asteroid Impact With The Real Thing Sara Hammond, AZPM August 04, 2017
Cicadas Soundtrack Arrival Of Summer, Monsoon In Arizona Sara Hammond, AZPM June 23, 2017
Tucson Astronomer to Lead Citizen Observations During Eclipse Sara Hammond June 22, 2017
Planetary Scientist Honored For Global Outreach Sara Hammond, AZPM June 16, 2017
UA To Get Early Sample Of Asteroid For Study Sara Hammond June 05, 2017