Title Author Publication Date
Hispanic Female-Owned Businesses On The Rise In Arizona Lauren Gilger December 19, 2016
Valley Refugee Women's Clinic Treats Women Who Have Undergone Female Genital Cutting Lauren Gilger December 15, 2016
ASU Faculty, Students Sign Letter To Arizona Public Universities To Support DREAMers Lauren Gilger December 09, 2016
Grab Your Glasses, New Law Opens Door For Growth Of Arizona Wine Industry Lauren Gilger December 08, 2016
Prescott Ultra-Runner Completes Record-Breaking Run Of Arizona Trail Lauren Gilger December 05, 2016
Prop. 206 Allows Victims To Take Paid Sick Leave To Address Domestic Violence Lauren Gilger December 02, 2016
Two Clinics Opening To Treat Psychosis Early, When Intervention Is Key Lauren Gilger December 01, 2016
Republic Reporter: Party Affiliation To Come Into Play In Phoenix Council Runoff Lauren Gilger November 28, 2016
How Would Changing NAFTA Affect Arizona’s Economy? Lauren Gilger November 22, 2016
From History To Politics, Arizona’s New State Archivist Talks Records Lauren Gilger November 22, 2016
Father Of Transgender Daughter Worries About Harassment, Unknowns After Election Lauren Gilger November 22, 2016
From Disappointment To Action: Arizona’s Pantsuit Nation Draws 800 In Tempe Lauren Gilger November 21, 2016
Guerrilla Girls Take Arizona, Bring Art Activism And Gorilla Masks To SMOCA Lauren Gilger November 18, 2016
Watching For The Zika Virus In Maricopa County, One Mosquito At A Time Lauren Gilger November 17, 2016
Healthcare For Arizona Small Businesses: Where Do They Go From Here? Lauren Gilger November 15, 2016
Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce Looking Forward To Economic Benefits Of New Sheriff Lauren Gilger November 11, 2016
Most Local School Funding Measures Passed In Tuesday’s Election Lauren Gilger November 10, 2016
What Kind Of Calls Are Election Hotlines Getting? Lauren Gilger November 08, 2016
Once Iconic Arizona Center To Get Makeover As Downtown Development Continues To Surge Lauren Gilger November 07, 2016
‘Missing In Arizona’ Event Aims To Bridge Gap Between Unidentified And Missing Persons Lauren Gilger November 04, 2016
With High Numbers Of Newly Registered Voters, Are Polls Ready For Election Day? Lauren Gilger November 03, 2016
Development On Roosevelt Row Bittersweet For Small Businesses Closing Their Doors Lauren Gilger November 01, 2016
As Teacher Shortage Grows In Arizona, Districts Look For Ways To Keep Teachers In Classrooms Lauren Gilger October 27, 2016
West-MEC Technical Education District Looks To Voters For Funding Lauren Gilger October 25, 2016
Is This Election Stressing You Out? You’re Not Alone Lauren Gilger October 21, 2016