Holliday Moore


Reporter for KJZZ.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
KidsCare Funding For Children Of Arizona's Working Poor In Jeopardy Holliday Moore Oct. 2, 2017
Humane Society Sets Sights On Protecting Arizona Wildcats From Hunters Holliday Moore
Howard Fischer
Sep. 28, 2017
Maricopa County ME: Blogger Death Not Homicide Holliday Moore Sep. 28, 2017
Study: Majority Of Arizona Charter School Owners Awarding Contracts To Family Businesses Holliday Moore Sep. 27, 2017
Hispanic Leaders Demand Investigation Into Motel 6 Holliday Moore Sep. 26, 2017
DACA Deadline Spawning Scammers Preying On Immigrants Holliday Moore Sep. 25, 2017
Colorado Sheriff Candidate's Resume Pulled Because Of SB 1070 Support Holliday Moore Sep. 21, 2017
Ducey: 'It’s Time For Obamacare To Go' Holliday Moore
Howie Fischer - Capitol Media Services
Sep. 21, 2017
McCain Supports Repeal And Replace If Ducey, Legislature Supports It Holliday Moore Sep. 20, 2017
Plague-Infected Fleas Found On Prairie Dogs In N. Arizona Holliday Moore Sep. 20, 2017
Endangered Bats Have No Chance Against Patio Fans In Southern Arizona Holliday Moore Sep. 19, 2017
Arizona Sen. Flake Fears U.S. Global Leadership Is Damaged Holliday Moore Sep. 18, 2017
Arizona Supreme Court: Voter Approved Medical Marijuana Law Is Legal Holliday Moore Sep. 14, 2017
ASU Recruiting Medical Marijuana Users For Study Holliday Moore Sep. 13, 2017
Arizona PTSD Sufferers Must Continue Seeking Second Opinion For Medical Marijuana Holliday Moore Sep. 13, 2017
Arizona Medicaid Expansion Under Review Holliday Moore, Steve Goldstein Sep. 13, 2017
Batch Of Bogus Bucks Found In Kingman Holliday Moore Sep. 12, 2017
McCain Will Seek Cancer Treatments In D.C. Holliday Moore Sep. 12, 2017
Officials In Arizona To Help Workers, Families Exposed To Nuclear Waste Holliday Moore Sep. 12, 2017
Healing Field At Tempe Town Lake Pays Tribute To Victims Of 9/11 Holliday Moore Sep. 11, 2017
Sen. McCain Returns To Senate With Focus On North Korea Holliday Moore Sep. 11, 2017
Court Rules In Favor Of Arizona Restaurants In Minimum Wage Case Holliday Moore Sep. 8, 2017
Arizona Vouchers: Signatures Approved For Ballot, But Not Without Another Challenge Holliday Moore Sep. 6, 2017
Senators McCain, Flake Revisit Immigration Reform Proposals Holliday Moore Sep. 6, 2017
Arizona Nurses Trained In Cancer Care Head To Houston Holliday Moore Sep. 4, 2017