AAA: Americans Becoming More Comfortable With Self-Driving Cars

Published: Monday, January 29, 2018 - 5:05am

AAA says Americans are becoming more comfortable with the idea of self-driving cars. AAA's annual survey, released earlier last week found the number of U.S. drivers are less of afraid of the technology than they were a year ago.

Self-driving vehicles are already being tested on Valley roads, and it won’t be long before people are actually using them.

Michelle Donati is with AAA Arizona. She says Millennials are the most trusting group when it comes to this technology. Gen X-ers are less-so. And Baby Boomers are the least trusting group, Donati said. But, that’s changing.

"Almost 70 percent report being afraid to ride in a self-driving car; however, this generation is significantly more comfortable with the idea than they were a year ago, when 85 percent reported being afraid," Donati said.

Another interesting finding? U.S. drivers report being highly confident in their own driving abilities, despite the fact, Donati said, that more than 90 percent of crashes involve human error. Soq

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