Prop 127 Supporters Spending Millions In Ad Campaigns

By Holliday Moore
Howard Fischer
Published: Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 11:15am

Backers funding the Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona ad campaign are spending more than $3.6 million on advertising aimed at both convincing voters to pass Proposition 127 and defeating Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

DJ Quinlan with the ad campaign has accused Brnovich of using his office to change ballot language favoring utility company Arizona Public Service, a major donor to his past and current campaigns and a chief opponent to the proposition.

"We felt it was strategically imperative for us to subsequently inform Arizona voters that the language they're going to read on their ballot is not actually with this proposition," said Quinlan.

It's an assertion Brnovich denied.

"The fact that an out-of-state California billionaire is going to spend millions of dollars to sully my reputation, I think says more about him than it says about me," Brnovich said.

The millionaire paying for the ads is California businessman Tom Steyer.

Capitol Media Services reported Steyer has also spent $83,000 against Gov. Doug Ducey's reelection campaign. Quinlan said voters should know APS's parent corporation Pinnacle West has made maximum donations to keep Republicans in office.

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